Advanced Driving Course

Join the Advanced Driving Course through the IAM Roadsmart website and make sure you ask to be allocated to MKAM (7180) and they get in touch with us and we will get you invited to MK Village Hall for the 1st session.

The first session is a PowerPoint theory presentation and a demo drive with one of our qualified observers.

We will then aim to allocate you an observer to meet at a mutually convenient time for your assessment drives. You will also be invited to come along to the 3rd Sunday session to have a drive with a different observer.

Each assessed drive will be customised for your individual training needs.

A typical session will be 60 minute assessed drive, and will include a pre-drive briefing and a debrief at the end.

It's difficult to say how long it takes - the average is 10 sessions, some take a lot less and some take a lot more, but we won't encourage you to apply for your test until you are ready.

We are committing the time of one of our experienced observers to helping you to get ready for your IAM test. This use of their time is entirely voluntary so we ask you to commit to a few things to help make the most of both yours and the observer's time. These are:

Dedicating time to practise the things you are learning all the time not just on your sessions.

Arrive for your session on time and with a vehicle that is roadworthy

We know things happen and sometimes you or your observer may have to reschedule, please do this as SOON as you can, so your observer can reallocate their time.

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