Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists is a registered charity affiliated with IAM RoadSmart

A little bit about MKAM

We're a registered charity and affiliated to the IAM Roadsmart. You need to be a member of both to pass your test.

MKAM offer

  1. Free Driving or Riding Assessment, contact us to book a slot (no strings attached)
  2. Advanced Driving or Riding Course which includes the IAM Roadsmart Test.
  3. Special offer for under 30s - £50 cashback when you pass your Advanced Driving or Riding Test
  4. Be-spoke course for a group of people
  5. Talks on safer driving or riding for all groups and ages
  6. Refresher assessments for our members
  7. Masters mentoring for group members saving over £100 on full price
  8. Experience days (cost extra)
  9. A wide range of motorcycle related social activities

IAM RoadSmart offer

For the General Public

  1. Mature Drivers assessment
  2. Driving and Riding assessment
  3. Driving for Work - fleet training
  4. Media support
  5. Hints and tips for safer roads
  6. On-line and on road Modules
  7. Workshops

For Members

  • A.Masters with Staff Examiner
  • B.Fellow
  • C.Skills days

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