Advanced Riding Course

After you have joined IAM RoadSmart- usually through the Advanced Riding initiative - and have attended several First Sunday Guidance sessions you will be allocated an observer who is responsible for giving you 1 to 1 instruction to prepare you for taking your test. In the first instance the observer will contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time and place to meet. After that sessions are arranged between you, with you taking the lead.

As part of the move to One to One sessions we are committing the time of one of our experienced observers to helping you to get ready for your IAM RoadSmart advanced test. This use of their time is entirely voluntary so we ask you to commit to a few things to help make the most of both yours and the observer's time. These are:

  • Dedicating some of your time to ride your bike between One to One sessions to practice the things you covered at the last session until you are proficient.
  • Doing a pre-ride bike check before you attend your One to One sessions so that there are not going to be any problems which will delay or interfere with your session.
  • Arriving for your One to One session on time and with sufficient petrol. Some observers do 2 One to Ones in succession so late arrival or unnecessary stops will potentially reduce the time you get on your One to One session.
  • Contributing towards your observer's petrol costs - their time is free! They may prefer a bacon sandwich or a coffee but it's courteous to offer the money and have the discussion.

To learn more why not come along to one of our 1st Sunday in the month guidance rides to meet us and experience Advanced Riding for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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