Millbrook Proving Ground

We can offer our members access to the world famous vehicle testing and proving facility Millbrook Proving Ground

MKAM is proud to announce that we have been granted access to Millbrook Proving Ground in order to use their world famous vehicle testing and proving facility. We have worked hard to secure the chance to use all their on-road testing and proving facilities, as well as their huge skid pan area. The price for a 2hr 1-to-1 session with Jamie or Pete is set at the price Millbrook charge us. MKAM Skid pan sessions are still being worked out at present, so please do hold on in there with us!

We have full access to:

  • Alpine Hill Routes
  • High / Constant Speed Circuit
  • City / Handling Circuit
  • Outer Handling Circuit
  • Steering Pad
  • Mile Straight
  • 20% and 25% Slopes
  • ABS & Traction Control Pad
  • Rough Track and Kerb Pad
  • plus much, much more...

To show an expression of interest please send an e-mail to us stating your MKAM Membership number, IAM Membership number and whether you'd like a weekday or weekend session. A diary system is in place so we will contact you with a list of dates that are free. Access to Millbrook is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.