About Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists

Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists is a registered charity affiliated with IAM RoadSmart

A little bit about MKAM

We're a registered charity and affiliated to the IAM Roadsmart. You need to be a member of both to pass your test.

MKAM offer
1) Free Driving or Riding Assessment, contact us to book a slot (no strings attached)

2) Advanced Driving or Riding Course which includes the IAM Roadsmart Test.

3) Special offer for under 30s - Money back when you pass your Advanced Driving or Riding Test

4) Be-spoke course for a group of people

5) Talks on safer driving or riding for all groups and ages

6) Refresher assessments for our members

7) Masters mentoring for group members saving over £100 on full price

8) Experience days (cost extra)

9) A wide range of motorcycle related social activities

IAM RoadSmart offer

For the General Public

1) Mature Drivers assessment

2) Driving and Riding assessment

3) Driving for Work - fleet training

4) Media support

5) Hints and tips for safer roads

6) On-line and on road Modules

7) Workshops

For Members

  • A.Masters with Staff Examiner
  • B.Fellow
  • C.Skills days


Advanced driving is the ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to…


By joining us we aim to improve your riding skills with a group of likeminded riders who enjoy the freedom and companionship that comes from motorcycling.


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